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Top 7 Ways to Build a Fast and Loyal Following on Social Media

If you are a small to mid-size business owner, you know that their business needs to be on social media.  In fact, your business needs to shine on social media if you want it to grow. The people that can help you grow your business are your followers.  Here are the top 7 ways to build that following:
  1. Put together tips on your expertise. If you are a business owner, then that must mean you are an expert at something. Write as many tips as you can come up with and post them on social media sites. (Here’s a tip: Nobody is interested in YOU in the beginning. They are only interested in what you know. Once they trust you as the expert, then they will be more interested in you.
  2. Use your tips as starting points to write blogs. Anyone needing your expertise will want to know more. They will go to your blog looking for more information.
  3. Make sure your website is updated and consistent with your tips. If your tips are about dog ownership and your website is about home decorating, your will lose your audience.
  4. Follow people in social media that post good tips and people that are in your market. This way you are keeping up with your industry and you are communicating with your target market.
  5. Connect with people that know individuals you want to reach. Remember, we are all supposed to be six degrees from someone we want to know. Social media has taken that down to three degrees. It’s easier than ever to reach your target.
  6. Build a fan page that’s based on your expertise. This will be the best place to gather info from your fans or your audience. (For instance, what would they like to buy from you?)
  7. Lead your audience in conversation.  There is a lot of talk about engaging your audience and I want to take it a step further. Don’t just talk to them, become the leader in the conversation. They are coming to you for a reason - show them they made the right decision.

8 Great Google+ Tips for Intermediate Users


The cheerleaders of Google+ say that it’s going to change social media for the better.  I tend to agree with them.  The biggest issue right now is the fact that it’s a little complicated. After playing around with it, I’ve discovered a few great tips that might make your work easier.

1.  While in your stream, if you click on the letter j it will take you to the next post.  Clicking on the letter k will take you to the previous post.

2.  You can mention anyone in your post by adding a + or an @ before their name.

3.  You can disable comments on your post by clicking on the drop down arrow menu in the right corner of the top of the post.

4.  Change the public visibility of your circles by clicking on the link below the pictures of the people that have you in their circles. (It’s on your profile page.)

5.  Click on “Mute this post” to stop receiving notifications about a post you commented on.

6.  Spruce up your posts: Add photos, videos, or webpages by dragging their links to the share box.

7.  Make the +1 tab public on your profile by going into Edit profile. Click on the +1 under the pictures you’ve shared.

8.  Click on the Limited link to see who else can see the post.

Top Ten 5 to 15 Minute Audience Building Tips for Twitter


1.  Add people to your Twitter lists. For most people, this can be flattering, and they may return the favor – although don’t always count on it. (5 min a day)

2.  Follow people back.  If you want to build your audience on Twitter, it’s important.  Do what you can to keep the ones you’ve got. (5 min a day)

3.  Re-Tweet (RT) people you follow when you find something interesting and RT often.  Try to start a conversation about these topics.  If someone RT’s you, make sure to say thank you.  (5 min a day)

4.  Engage people in conversation.  If they follow you or list you, say thank you in a mention – not in a DM and NOT an automated DM.  The automated DM’s irritate people more than anything.  Ask them questions on Twitter. Comment on their blogs and websites. Get a conversation going. (5 min to 15 min a day)

5.  Add #hashtags to your tweets. Doing this invites others to ask questions or comment on your tweets.  (How long does it take to add a #Hashtag?)

6.  On the other hand, watch for #hashtag conversations and jump in. (5 min to 15 min a day)

7.  Add your Twitter @username to all of your marketing material, email signatures, and online profiles such as LinkedIn. (Do one every day – 5 min a day)

8.  Make sure you have a picture on your profile.  Profiles without pictures tend to be spammers or dead accounts.  You don’t want your account lumped in with either of those groups. (One time 5 min)

9.  Fill out your bio.  Again, profiles without bios tend to be spammers or dead accounts.  Turns people off. (One time 5 min to 15 min)

10. Observe Twitter accounts with a high number of followers to see what they’re doing right.  What are they tweeting about?  Who are they engaging in conversation?  How much time do they spend on Twitter every day? What do they have for lists? (5 min a day)

11. Bonus tip: Always, always, always treat people with respect. Building your audience is really all about building relationships, right? This is the most important part to remember here.  Otherwise, nobody will want to have anything to do with you. 

Happy Building!

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